De Zilveren Akelei. Helga van Leipsig. Foto: Monique Bleeker.

Helga van Leipsig


After completing my education at the Academy of Arts in Maastricht I am currently an independent artist working with metals
like gold, silver
and titanium.

I teach several workshops with
the new material
precious metal clay (PMC) sometimes
better known as Silverclay.

Zilveren sieraad van La Leipsig Jewels
> Jewelry Design
A piece of jewelry is designed and crafted to matched your personality. Ordering limited editions Jewels, is possible in my webshop:
La Leipsig Jewels
Learning how to make your own Silver Jewelry, that you can wear that very evening, is possible in one of my:
> Silverclay Workshops
On my blog I tell, in English, more about what happens in a jeweler's life:
La Leipsig blog
Beukenblad in tegenlicht. Foto: Helga van Leipsig. Nederlands  
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